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The moment you've all been waiting for is here, get your tickets NOW for the VPride Fashion Show, by messaging the VPride page or calling committee member Yannick (+678 713 1523).

Get your tickets now, and don't forget to prepare your red carpet looks for the night of THE SHOW

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Get your gowns and suits ready for the BIGGEST and ONLY annual fashion show in Vanuatu , the Vpride Fashion Show 2022!

Join us in Showcasing the talents and beauty of the diverse marginalized communities in our very own backyard.

The event will be held on the 1st of October down at the convention center. !Tickets on sale SOON!

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The VPride fashion show is on the move!

On the 16th of July, the meet and greet between the models and designers was held to familiarize the models with their assigned designers. This gathering also served to get initial measurements of each of the models so that the designers could envision the direction of their pieces for the show. 


Communications officer and committee member Malone Wilson had a word with some of the models about what they were expecting from the show this year, a model from the previous show expressed their surprise at the sheer number of people, "From the crowd we have here right now, I'm expecting the show to be 10 times bigger then previous years and I am excited to see the result". A first time model had this to say, "I'm excited to be apart of this years show, and cant wait to see the whole thing play out, considering the huge number of people here, its going to be BIG". The committee would like to express its appreciation to everyone that took the time out of their day to attend, and they are excited to have such an enthusiastic lineup of models and designers to work with for this years show.


Further discussions are being held and updates will be posted in due time, keep posted here on our website for future updates.

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The VPride 2022 Fashion Show kicked off its first day of auditions today 16th of June 2022.

The atmosphere of the room was booming with talent and potential, which was naturally displayed through every step that each of the models took on their makeshift runway.

Model and VPride Fashion show 2022 committee member Malone Mancini Kaleo Wilson reported, “Today’s attendance was a positive response to VPrides social media platforms announcements for 2022 show auditions. Although, some showed fear when they were called upon, it didn’t stop them to display model attitude and walk infront of the panel of judges.”

The 2021 show models were also present at the casting call today to audition to 2022 show.

“The 2021 models were helpful to the new audition participants by encouraging and supporting them to display their best in the audition,” Malone added.

The final day for auditions is set for the 18th of June, from 8:30am to 5:00pm. If you haven’t auditioned yet, this is your chance to secure your spot in the 2022 show.

VPride would like to acknowledge Grand Hotel and Casino Vanuatu for their sponsorship in providing venue for the auditions.

We hope to see you this Saturday 18th!

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VPride Annual Fashion Show started since 2019, has created a spark and in its delightful representation of inclusion and pride. Growing rapidly over the last 3 years in size, volume, colours, designers, prints modelling and 2022 preparations are on the way!

Today, VPride is proud to announce a model casting call to our communities and society as a whole to individuals of different colours, shapes, sizes, heights, abilities, disabilities and uniquely beautiful in your own way!

VPride Fashion Show Committee Co- Coordinators Yannick Vera and Neil Stephens spoke the importance of capturing diversity of models as it reflects on Vanuatu’s sustainable Development Plan and the Global Agenda of 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of Leaving No One Behind. Echoing the same sentiments, Ms. GiGi Baxter, VPride Executive Director, highlights two of the organization's key principles: -

- Inclusiveness: We practice and champion inclusiveness inside VPride and in the community, honouring all peoples of diverse strengths, needs, voices and backgrounds.

- Solidarity: We promote Solidarity between all people working for their human rights.

“We couldn’t hold back our tears as we saw the opening of the 2021 VPride Fashion show, a disability model, a national Para- Olympian Katarina Enock parading confidently with her beautiful dress, an original piece, by one of the VPride designers,” mentioned a group in the audience in 2021 at the Convention Center.

If you believe you got whatever it takes to be the model and promote inclusion and solidarity and believe the VPride Fashion show is your platform to showcase your strength, confidence and shine, a two (2) day audition is held at the Grand Hotel and Casino Vanuatu on the 16th and 18th of June 2022. It commences from 9am to 6pm.

Should you need more information please do not hesitate to inbox the VPride Facebook page

This year 2022 the show is expected to sell 600+ tickets to general public. Ticket price is yet to be released once the tickets are ready for purchase.

This is your time to SHINE! COME AND AUDITION!!