Lorina Raplili shares her experiences with self reliance in this hard time. The short film covers 3 main points such as:

1. Food Storage 2. Backyard Gardening

3. First Aid Kits.

These are essential factors that we must pay close attention to in our home in order to protect and sustaining us during times of disaster and crisis example is our current situation we are facing with the COVID-19 Pandemic and the lockdown, through self-reliance, we are sustaining ourselves so that our families are stable during this time of crisis.

Long serving staff Beter Uhi shares tips on how to stay resiliant in this hard time. The video covers tips involving:

1.Family Connections 2. Mental Health

These are important in this hard time and should be maintained.

Claudio Siptiley shares their experience with the current pandemic. The video covers issues faced with:

1. Children’s education 2. Family income

3. Work restrictions

These are just a few issues specifically faced by Claudio in this hard time, they encourage everyone to not hesitate to reach out to VPride for aid.

Jacky Simelum gives there input on domestic violence and how it is worsened by the current pandemic. The video covers questions such as:

1. What is it? 2. Who suffers from it?

3. Why isn’t it reported ?

It is important to understand the information surrounding domestic violence in Vanuatu, in order to prevent it.

Gaetano Kalopong shares the reality of cyber bullying and how the current pandemic has worsened it to various groups of people. The video answers questions such as;

1. Who is mostly effected by the situation?

2. How has the situation influenced the rate of occurrence?

These are questions that need to be answered to spread awareness.