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In Vanuatu and the Pacific region, there are very few resources to address SOGIE inequities in health care. This project sought to provide the urgently needed resources to address SOGIE inequities in health care in Vanuatu and the Pacific.  

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The SOGIE booklet seeks to raise individual and community awareness about differences In sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression, using an affirming, human rights-based approach to advocate for inclusion. The booklet provides information on legal and human rights, the SOGIE spectrum, and best practices for inclusion in the workplace, the community, health, education and safety and justice. Available in three languages.

The UNDP LGBTQ Inclusion Index provides the global standard for human rights-based inclusion of SOGIE diverse people. This  booklet - A SET OF PROPOSED INDICATORS FOR THE LGBTI INCLUSION INDEX  - describes the index itself and its context and provides a set of comprehensive indicators that can be used to measure inclusion. It is a useful guide for policy development, research, and accountability.. Available in two languages.

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This research  report presents the first ever study of people of diverse Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGIE) in Vanuatu .Supported by a grant from Kaleidoscope Trust and the Commonwealth Equality Network, it presents global research, along with findings on the experiences of SOGIE diverse people in Vanuatu , and policy recommendations. The study was conducted in line with the UNDP call that “inclusion of LGBTI people is imperative if we are to deliver on the pledge of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”, leaving no one behind and reaching the furthest behind.

Gender inequality is a persistent development challenge for Vanuatu.  This Oxfam report focuses on the Vanuatu National Gender Equality Policy ( NGEP and NGEP 2). Based on an exploration of  the experiences, attitudes and insights of individuals and institutions whose work will influence, and be influenced by, the NGEP, the report identifies successes, challenges, and recommendations to enhance gender equality and inclusion, with a particular focus on SOGIE inclusion.

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This Disaster Inclusion Guide presents comprehensive research and a set of detailed guidelines for humanitarian actors to ensure effective inclusion of SOGIE diverse people in times of disaster. Supported by Kaleidoscope Trust and the Commonwealth Equality Network, the guide is accompanied by a virtual course and a completion certificate, accessible here .

This first ever VPride strategic plan shows the mission, vision, and strategic goals of VPride. It was built around the UNDP LGBTQ inclusion Index. 


LGBTQ+ / SOGIE Diverse Terms

One of VPrides goals is to inform those, that are confused about things surrounding LGBTQ+ or SOGIE Diverse People, as such it is useful to understand certain terms used in the community.

Terms and their Definitions:

Below is a list of terms used and associated with LGBTQ+ / SOGIE Diverse people.


This is an acronym that stands for: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and the + stands for other sexualities. Other forms of this include Intersex and Asexuality; LGBTQIA+.

Sexuality / Sexual Orientation

This is how an individual identifies in relation to the gender or genders in which they are attracted to.

Gender Identity

An individuals personal sense of being or having a certain gender.


This is an acronym that stands for: Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression. This term was made as a replacement to the previous LGBTQ+ term.


This is a sexuality by which an individual is attracted emotionally and sexually to other individuals of the same sex exclusively.


This is basically another name for gay but exclusively used when looking at Women that are emotionally and sexually attracted to other women exclusively.


This is a sexuality by which an individual is emotionally and sexually attracted to individuals of either sex, most instances excluding transgender individuals.


This is a sexuality who does not factor in gender in there relations instead are attracted emotionally and sexually to anything, including trans individuals. Often confused with Bi-Sexuality.


This is an umbrella term for sexuality, not specifying what they are attracted to however is only used if one is not heterosexual.


This is a  person who has undergone medical procedures, transitioning his or her biological sex to the one which they identify as.


This is  person who was born with both female and male sexual organs and other sexual characteristics.


This is a sexuality by which an individual has a lack or abscence of sexual attraction or desire for sexual activity.


This is a person who actively supports and advocates for members of a community other then their own.

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