SOGIE Livelihood Workshop

During VPrides visit to Santo, a workshop was held on the 1st of June with the VPride members of Santo. The basis of this workshop aimed to touch base on the current livelihoods of the various VPride members, The workshop consisted of group discussions on current living statuses and ways to improve.

The workshop also provided a way in which VPride could look into building up the capacity of the attendees, this was done with an activity in which each of the members were slowly taught how to formulate and make their own CV’s.

This activity enabled certain members that were dropouts to learn about what exactly is needed when putting together a CV, VPride also took this opportunity to discuss the reasoning behind leaving school early, and the events that led them to where they are today.

The workshop was a success overall, and VPride was proud to see the interest of the members align with a bright future, it was made clear that all they needed is a helping hand.