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What We Do

Little Actions with Big Impacts

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Testing and Prevention

VPride provides opportunities for STI testing at its main office, we do this to ensure that the community is safe and protected from such deadly illnesses, we also provide prevention kits, to ensure all activities are done safely.



By visiting our main office or getting in-touch with one of our members, VPride can provide support in the form of information, to ensure everyone is informed. 

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VPride fights, everyday, for the rights of SOGIE people around Vanuatu by actively advocating for inclusion above all else. VPride does this by existing as the only organization of its kind in Vanuatu, holding the values of inclusion in all projects and work we do, from simple events to gather various groups of people together, such as a Volleyball competition, to preparing the first Inclusive guide for Emergency response agencies, to properly address SOGIE exclusive issues and needs in times of disaster.

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