Welcome to our VPride survey!

Covid-19 has impacted all of us  throughout the 2+ years of border closure and lockdown period. 

Worldwide, SOGIE diverse people have been hit harder than others. 

VPride is conducting a study to find out what the experience was like for SOGIE diverse people in Vanuatu. 

The survey has 25 questions, takes about 10 minutes to complete, and your responses are strictly confidential.

If you are SOGIE/LGBTQ diverse, please take the survey that can be accessed through the link below. 

We will have a prize drawing among those who fill out the survey, and will award 6 phone credit vouchers of 1,500 vatu each.

Covid-19 hemi impaktem yumi everiwan stat lo 2+ yia sins we yumi bin stap lo lokdaon.

Wolwaed, olgeta SOGIE daeves man mo woman oli bin filim impakt bigwan bitim ol nara man.

VPride emi stap mekem wan stady naoia, blo faenemaot wanem experiens blo ol SOGIE daeves pipol lo Vanuatu.

Sevei ya i gat 25 kwestin blong wan wan man i save ansarem, mo bae hemi tekem 10 minit nomo blong save finisim. Evri respons emi sikret nomo.

Sipos yu aedentifae olsem wan SOGIE/LGBTQ daeves pesen, plis takem pat lo sevei we yu save kat akses tru lo daerekt link we i stap daon.

Bae i kat wan praes dro blo ol man we i tek pat, 6 man e save karem awod blo 1,500vt top up.